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By Guy L. Beck

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Going past the traditional depictions of Krishna within the epics, this publication makes use of neighborhood and vernacular resources to offer a variety of Krishna traditions.

Krishna—widely honored and loved within the Hindu tradition—is a deity of many points. An old manifestation of the superb God Vishnu, or the Godhead itself, Krishna is the bringer of Yoga philosophy and the writer of the universe, the destroyer of evil tyrants, and the hero of the epic Mahabharata. he's additionally defined in classical Sanskrit texts as having human features and having fun with very human goals: Krishna is the butter thief, cowherd, philanderer, and flute participant. but even those playful depictions are dependent upon descriptions present in the Sanskrit canon, and ordinarily replicate accepted, classical Pan-Indian images.

In this ebook, participants research the choice, or unconventional, Krishnas, supplying examples from extra localized Krishna traditions present in assorted areas between quite a few ethnic teams, vernacular language traditions, and distant branches of Indian religions. those wide-ranging, replacement visions of Krishna contain the Tantric Krishna of Bengal, Krishna in city women's rituals, Krishna as monogamous husband and more youthful brother in Braj, Krishna in Jainism, Krishna in Marathi culture, Krishna in South India, and the Krishna of nineteenth-century reformed Hinduism.

Guy L. Beck, a non secular historian, teaches Hinduism and Asian Religions within the non secular stories software at Tulane college. he's the writer of Sonic Theology: Hinduism and Sacred Sound.

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